Whack Games

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Whack Games is a new online game which offers you the opportunity to win a free life supply of cocaine, luxury products and even money if you’re really lucky! It’s been designed in such a way as to be addictive, as well as fun and rewarding, so there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t play it. The basic mechanics involve a simple online game board, a series of challenges and a set of increasingly difficult’missions’ (which can include completing a mission without shooting anything or killing anyone at all). Players earn points by performing stunts and completing objectives within the game and depending on their performance these points enable them to purchase new toys, new clothes and more items to help them boost their score.

The bosses of each level are designed to be tough and challenging, but not so difficult that they will put off any potential players who wish to finish the game as quickly as possible. The objective of each level is generally to shoot all the aliens that appear, but sometimes you have to do it in certain ways, meaning that you’ll have to rely on your timing and manoeuvre skills to succeed. Shooting the aliens may often be the easiest task you can perform, but completing the other challenges can often prove to be very difficult, particularly when playing the game in co-op mode. If you’re going for a very rewarding experience, however, then tackling the difficult challenges in single player mode is the way to go.

There are a couple of different levels in Whack Games, which means that players will find themselves advancing through a range of progressively tricky missions before finally tackling the bosses. For example, one of the levels involves you being asked to steal a box filled with money from a bank. The objective of this level is often to steal the money from your own bank, and to do that you need to ensure that nobody is the wiser. The more people you target the better your chances are of successfully getting it across, so making sure you take out your enemies quickly is essential. Once you’ve made it into the bank using your trusty minivan, there’s just one problem – the timer on the top right hand corner of the screen will be starting to tick down, and you only have around ten seconds to get your hands on all the cash in the bank!

In the Grinder of Texas game, you have to play as either a cowboy or a rodeo bull, and help a sheriff (or cowgirl) get his daughter, who has been disappeared, back safely to safety. To do this you’ll need to shoot at a variety of targets set in the environment, and there are up to four types of targets which can be targeted – the head, chest, legs, and tail. You also have to make use of a grappling hook and a variety of other tools to help you bring down your targets. Although it doesn’t look very impressive, shooting all the way to the ground just will not count, and you’ll have to take your chances when using these tools, including using the grappling hook to drag them closer to the fence, then use your minivan to pin them down.

The final Whack Game on the list is called “The Whack Bank”, and it features a rather disturbing scenario. Two crooks are walking around an old abandoned building, and they stop to observe some guards outside. When they notice a security guard going through some trash, one of the crooks suddenly gets up, pointing a large sword at the guards, who are obviously shocked at being attacked from behind. As one of the guards is knocked off his feet and taken to the prisoner’s cell, the remaining crook walks over to the guards, who are oblivious as to what is about to happen, and aims his sword straight at their head.

You play Whack Games by selecting one of two options. First, you can play Whack Ex, where you guide a range of creeps through a variety of environments, trying to get their hands on as much money as possible. Second, you can play Whack Matcher, in which you direct a group of burglars through an assortment of obstacles, trying to get their hands on as much property as possible. If you choose the first option, the objective is to guide a small team of guys or girls through a variety of obstacles, trying to reach the final objective, which is to get the “biggest score” they can. If you choose the second option, the objective is to eliminate as many burglars as you can before the timer runs out.